Cook - low protein PKU home flour mix

PKU without eggs without gluten without milk

Cook - Low-protein PKU home flour  

Dietetic comestible with special medical application in Phenyloketonuria (PKU) dietary procedure

Ingredients: gluten-free wheat starch, corn starch, potato starch, glucose, thickener: Guar gum and E464, food cellulose, raising agent: sodium bicarbonate, acidity regulator: E575

Nutritive value in 100 g:

Energy value              1428 kJ/341 kcal

Protein inclusive:       1,9 g

Phenylalanine         8,1 mg

Carbohydrates           81,6 g

Fat                             0,8 g


Recipe for PKU ravioli

Ingredients: 500 g PKU Cook flour, 265 ml water, a portion of PKU egg substitute (1 teaspoonful of PKU Balviten egg substitute mixed with 50 ml water), a pinch of salt. Knead dough using the mentioned ingredients, roll it out to the thickness of 3 mm, cut out discs, stuff with favourite filling, form raviolis. Boil for about 5 minutes in slightly salty water.